Megawatt Recording

Los Angeles California

Megawatt Recording is a two room studio facility located in Los Angeles California.

Studio A features a vintage, totally discrete Neve 8058 MKII as well as a Neve 12 channel side car. The 1000+ square foot tracking room has oak parquet flooring and natural wood designed walls.

Studio B (Mix) features an SSL 4080 G+ and a vocal / overdub room.

Both studios have a full complement of world-class outboard gear, along with separate entrances as well as private lounges.

Studio A (Tracking)

Dimensions (all measurements are in feet)
Control Room • 23W x 18D x 9H
Live Room • 30W x 30D x 13H
ISO 1 • 10W x 8D x 8H
ISO 2 • 7W x 9D x 9H
ISO 3 • 4W x 12D x 10H
ISO 4 • 3W x 6D x 8H

Neve 8058 MKII 26 x 16 x 24 (Custom Class A Output)
Neve 12 Channel 4 bus (1066, 1073, 1089) (Class A) x2

Pro Tools
Mac Pro - PT10, HD3 192 I/O, 24 I/P, 24 O/P
George Augspurger 3 way system w/ JBL components including subs (Bryston 10B Crossover w/ Yamaha P2200 Amplifiers)
NS10M (Yamaha P2200 Amplifier)

Compressors & Gates
dbx 160X (3)
dbx 165 (1)
Drawmer DS201 (2)
Empirical Labs EL8 (2)
Fairchild 670 (1)
Neve 33609c (1)
Retro STA-Level (1)
SSL G384 (1)
Summit TLA-100 (2)
Teletronix LA2A (1)
Tube Tech CL1B (1)
Urei 1176LN Blk (2)

EQs & Mic Preamps
API 312 (4)
API 550B (2)
API 560 (2)
Pultec EQP 1 (2)