Megawatt Recording

Los Angeles California

Megawatt Recording is a two room studio facility located in Los Angeles California.

Studio A features a vintage, totally discrete Neve 8058 MKII as well as a Neve 12 channel side car. The 1000+ square foot tracking room has oak parquet flooring and natural wood designed walls.

Studio B (Mix) features an SSL 4080 G+ and a vocal / overdub room.

Both studios have a full complement of world-class outboard gear, along with separate entrances as well as private lounges.

Additional Outboard



Neve 32264a (2)  

Valley People Dynamite (4)  


EQs & Mic Preamps  

Neve 1079 (2)  

Neve 1081 (2)  

Neve 1095 (2)  

Neve 31079 (8)  

Neve 1272 (2)  

Quad Eight 227 Mic Pre (4)  

Quad Eight 333C EQ (4)  

Sontec MES 432C (1)  



BSS AR-416 (1)  

Korg DTR-1000 (1)  

Palmer PDI-03 (1)  

Palmer PDI-05 (1)